About the Project

Local Men - Local Communities is a project focusing on suicide prevention and postvention for adult men living in South Gippsland. The project has been funded by the Department of Health and South Gippsland Shire Council.

We focus on two primary goals:


We work with community groups and individuals to identify training and activities that build mental health and emotional wellbeing and social connectedness for rural men aged 25+.

We aim to support increased connection of men aged 25+ to community groups, clubs and each other.


We work with community groups, volunteers, service providers, educators and the media to make links to services and community supports for people at risk of suicide.

Our Goals

Improved individual and community resilience and wellbeing

Reduced suicide deaths and attempts for men aged 25+

Project Reach

This website was developed as part of the Local Men Local Communities Project funded by Victorian Department of Health and delivered by South Gippsland Shire Council. This website is maintained by Council to continue to provide opportunities for the South Gippsland community to get together for the benefit of everyone and to build good mental health and wellbeing. The project aim was to reach men aged 25 – 50 living in South Gippsland with invitations open to residents of neighbouring local government areas and men aged 25+ not currently involved in a community group.

Considering potential supportive environments surround men, there is much that the community, workplaces and organisations can do to provide support including:

  • Community groups – Community groups provide a key setting where foundations for friendship and connection for rural communities are made. Community groups can provide:
    • a venue for training or community forums
    • a welcoming environment to men seeking social support
    • a broad range of social activities supportive of mental health and wellbeing of their members
    • a coordinated response to people bereaved by suicide
  • Workplaces with male employees – provide a setting where engagement activities and training may be delivered or participants for community based activities recruited
  • Health and welfare services, health services, faith organisations and registered training providers – provide a range of counselling and support services and training in prevention and postvention for suicide
  • Rural businesses – have contact with men who may not otherwise be connected to community groups. These businesses may host activities or provide places to promote forums and activities of the project.